Top 3 Things Whites Will Miss When We Leave

It's no surprise to many of us that white people appropriate our culture. However, what white people don't realize is Black Culture maintains the allure of said appropriations. This begs the question: What are the top 3 things whites will miss when we leave?

1. Music.

For generations, African American music has been the stable of American society. Since the 19th century, African American music began to become mainstream with white America. Despite fearsome opposition from white supremacist groups such as the KKK, our music was gaining unstoppable momentum. Artists such as Akon, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, influenced modern day music. Without the continued support of the African community, music in America will fizzle out and we with continue to create it back home, in Africa.

2. Soul Food.

Out from the depths of our enslaved ancestors, produced some of the most popular cuisine in American society today. The art of culinary perfection was developed in the Southeastern United States - typically in areas common to salved-based plantations. This art quickly migrated during the slave-trades by the American North and was quickly appropriated by the whites. When we leave, we're taking our soul food with us.

3. Language.

For centuries, the white man held African Americans back by keeping us uneducated and defenseless. The whites feared revolution. Which meant one day they would no longer be able to prosper off our hard work and dedication to building America. The African American Vernacular English, commonly known as ebonics, was the result of our oppression. What the white man did not anticipate, is the positive momentum is had gain in popular culture to this day. The simplicity of our vernacular has made communication much more efficient and attractive. Our language goes hand in hand with modern day music. Our language continues to evolve. We've overcome our oppression, proven power and it's time to take our intellect back to Africa. It's where the true evolution of man began, and one day, when this world ceases to exists, will end.